Edouard Duhem

Édouard is a Norman author and illustrator. Born in Granville, he learned to read by opening comic books and discovered that images tell a story just as important as words. This discovery encouraged him to assert himself in drawing and began to illustrate his own stories.

As he grew up, he happily nourished his imagination with cultural products borrowed mainly from history (antiquity, medievalism, etc.) and science fiction. He also cultivates a fascination with the marine environment. So much so that he then became: a marine biologist.

In a laboratory in Caen, he will contribute in particular to research work on several species of cephalopods. (For example: did you know that the nautilus loves raw chicken?)

Following this very enriching experience, he finally professionalized in illustration. And chooses, out of passion, the precarious life of a drawing mercenary.

Edouard Duhem
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