An only child with a goldfish, Enutil quickly had to find tips to overcome boredom. A fan of cinema, which involves depending on other people, he takes up drawing, which only involves depending on oneself. 

In 2000, he created his nickname "Enutil" from a contraction of his first name, his last name and his middle name, as well as an unfailing optimism. Then he creates his avatar from a contraction between a human and a wolf, out of pure snobbery he prefers to use the term anthropomorphic rather than werewolf.

He created his blog during Christmas 2006, won the Normandiebulle competition in 2009, it was the start of a meteoric rise:

- He joins the team of authors of the site 30 jours de BD, which is closing its doors

- He joins the authors of the Mozo Mozob Facebook page, which is closing its doors

- He published a comic strip entitled “Bête” with the publisher Comics-Trip, which closed its doors

He then understands the definition of the word "passion", no matter if the doors close, he will continue to scratch paper.

He was then taken under the wing of a certain JT who allowed him to join the Projets-BD site and now Les Editions Agitées. Through this bio, subtly, Enutil thanks him.

At the same time, and with his partner, Enutil turned to the children's world. With the help of new contractions, “Jeem-creations” comes into the world. First, small watercolor anthropomorphic characters to personalize clothes. Next comes a book with a coloring story “Blabla and the Magic Pencil” self-published on Amazon. Rumors are circulating within the team, suggesting that the clothing site Jeem-Créations will close its doors.

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