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- ISBN : 9782493526052 - 32 pages - 21 x 29.7 cm

But where has Harry gone? 1. At the beach

But where has Harry gone? 1. At the beach

Edouard Duhem, JT

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A games book to learn and review prevention instructions at the beach and water sports as a family.

But where has Harry gone? This is what the PARFAIT family would like to know when they went to the beach for the first time with this extraterrestrial that they took in and who knows absolutely nothing about how life on Earth works.

“We have all been that Harry one day who awkwardly discovers a new activity that involves codes, prevention instructions and other specific safety regulations. At the beach, there are no less than 150 instructions that must be taken into account. »

Prevention also means respecting the regulations in force. However, that of the beach signage was modified in 2022, so that there are new automations for families to acquire.

“We read the expert reports and listed the various news items to identify the main preventions. Although most of them were known to us, we were surprised to discover others that were less popular, such as the importance of wearing a wetsuit for the rear passenger on a Jet-Ski or wearing a helmet when surfing…”

This game book is not a training manual however. Its primary objective is to engage a family audience through original games such as hashi, pipopipette, pichenette, slither link… and many others. “The games have been designed to be played as a family with up to three difficulty levels. »

Other works are being considered for the rest of the collection on themes as diverse as drought, computer hacking, winter sports, addictive behavior... and many others.

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