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- ISBN : 9782493526021 - 96 pages - 17x24cm

A year of underwater diving training in a pool - Exercises and games

A year of underwater diving training in a pool - Exercises and games


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A reference book for leading training sessions

All practitioners know: underwater diving is an outdoor activity where training takes place… in a swimming pool! Traditionally, diving clubs organize one or several training sessions per week where they offer not only scuba diving, but also other underwater sports (freediving, fin swimming, target shooting, underwater hockey, etc.) that the Federation includes. French studies and underwater sports.

The swimming pool is a wonderful playground, ideal for training beginner divers and physical maintenance for other divers. Some communities have understood this well and are now integrating it into the specifications for new aquatic centers.

Underwater diving is a demanding activity and the supervisory qualifications are just as demanding. The density of training reduces the time available to learn how to facilitate training sessions. But this is where the greatest assets of the discipline reside. Thanks to exercises and games, it is a fun approach that can now be offered, while remaining educational to all levels of divers.

For the first time, a book presents exercises and games to facilitate underwater diving training sessions in a swimming pool for a year. Eight authors from all over France participated in its writing. The content of the book was tested by the supervisors of the Aqua Club Baldivien.

In France, there are 155,000 FFESSM licensed practitioners spread across 2,500 clubs run by 20,000 diving instructors.

A word from the editor:
“As far back as I can remember, underwater diving training was always a great opportunity to do exercises and games that were always more fun and informative. I remember my father tinkering in his workshop with objects that we would use in a new swimming pool exercise. It was an opportunity for us, divers, to train and prepare ourselves for the diving conditions encountered in the natural environment.
Supervisors from all over France perpetuate this know-how by leading diving training sessions every week. Eight of them were selected for this first work and offer you astonishing exercises and games! »

Authors : Dominique BALDASSARI, Philippe BERHAULT, Bernard BOUQUET, Sébastien DEILLES, Renaud LEYMARIE, Paul PERRISSEL and Philippe VINCENT-CARREFOUR
Corrections: Clémence Chanel
Photography: Cadwal BESSE and François LUCAZEAU - Studio Yann de Baud

Test club: Aqua Club Baldivien
Test divers: Anthony Foussadier, Cédric Hupin, Daniel Julé, Lydie Julé

ISBN: 9782493526021
Paperback 17 x 24 cm, 96 pages
30 exercises and games
+80 variations

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