Launch of the publishing house

It is now official, the publishing house "LES EDITIONS AGITEES" has been declared to the Lorient Commercial Court since today.

The launch party will take place on Wednesday November 10, 2021.

In addition to the website you are currently reading, several communication media are available to present the editorial line as well as the products and services offered. Do not hesitate to ask us.

The publishing house will not only offer books but also board games, card games, puzzles, etc. These can also be personalized to promote a brand, a product, a prevention campaign, etc.

A communications agency will also offer flyers, leaflets, game booklets and magazines. All of these supports are also available in personalized versions.

The particularity of this publishing house is undeniably its editorial line:

- Sport: all sports, all disciplines, taking into account in particular the themes of sport-health, sport and diversity, sustainable sport, sport and inclusion, etc.
- In “active” mode: books, games and communication supports in “active” mode. To find out everything about this particularity, read the article on this subject:

To attend the launch party, there are two solutions:
- be invited to the face-to-face evening
- follow the live on Facebook

Lancement de la maison d'édition
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