The origami flyer

It is sometimes difficult to animate an exhibition stand in order to capture the public's attention. The objective is to be able, at best, to deliver your commercial message, failing which to create relative brand awareness. Some get lost in offering expensive personalized goodies, others in forcing people to pick up a leaflet*, and still others in playing a competition. None of these actions is the appropriate solution, so it is common to resort to them simultaneously. And it's expensive.

The origami flyer offers all the advantages of the game, information and goodies. If it serves as a communication medium to present your commercial offer, above all it invites the user to live an experience by creating an origami. This fun, family-friendly, even regressive activity increases the attention span of your visitors to your stand and your brand. Once the origami has been created, it can be kept and thus used as goodies, collect a participation form or participate in the personalized decoration of a stand. It then becomes a link of belonging between your brand and the visitor, to the point of being used as an impactful visual for a social network account. It simplifies your team's sales pitch and reduces the time spent running your stand to focus on sales.

The advantages of the origami flyer:

- simple : a single support for multiple business objectives;
- economical : merging your game, print and goodies budget;
- ecological : recycled and recyclable support.

The choice of origami depends on the message or the identity of the brand: fish, turtle, diving boat, shark, etc. The folding instructions are discovered step by step , which guarantees a successful and positive experience. . Once the origami has been completed, the important information (logo, contact details, etc.) is visible and highlighted.

The case of the FFESSM Brittany-Pays de la Loire Committee and the “seal” origami flyer:
The Regional Committee is celebrating its 10th anniversary of participation in the Paris Diving Show and its stand “I dive in the West!” » in 2022. On this occasion, he uses the “seal” model of the origami flyer (see image above), the emblematic animal of snorkeling in the region. The document is given to visitors who are invited to participate in a competition by drawing lots on the condition of creating the origami.

The positive impacts:
- the increase in the number of flyers distributed, visitors wishing to keep one or more copies to show their loved ones;
- extending the lifespan of the flyer which will not end up in a trash can at the end of the visit;
- an eco-responsible image reinforced thanks to Imprim'vert certified paper, printed in France, recycled and recyclable.

Other “active” supports:

- the manga leaflet which presents your offer in the form of a mini-story illustrated in manga;
- the discovery leaflet which invites you through games and anecdotes to discover your practice environment (underwater depths, low mountain fauna and flora, terrain and rules of play, etc.);
- the treasure hunt leaflet which allows a stand bringing together several structures to see visitors browse all the exhibitors in search of treasure (option: with the use of a smartphone);
- the riddle leaflet which presents your offer and your brand in the form of a detective riddle;
- … and many others.

The communication media are offered as non-exclusive property and in tailor-made creation. In the first case, you benefit from a unique model where your texts and images are affixed. In the second, we create a new overall model with your colors and the activity is created to measure (origami, scenario, game, etc.).

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* Flyer or leaflet? A flyer is commonly called an unfolded sheet of paper, unlike a leaflet which, as its name suggests, involves folding (crossed, accordion, portfolio, etc. folds).

Le flyer-origami
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