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As part of a new collection of works entitled "La France sous-marine", we are looking for several author-photographers.

This collection highlights one or more photographers who have been visiting the same dive site for several years. Each work in the collection will cover a demarcated area which may include several diving sites. For example, the first opus will deal with the Ria d'Etel (Morbihan, Brittany).

The objective is to offer both a beautiful work of photographs and a book that can be discovered in an elementary school class.

Each photograph will present a species attitude, an atmosphere, a wreck... an emotion which serves a better knowledge of the underwater environment. A short accompanying text will cover the photographer's feelings, a biological anecdote (with an external editor), etc.

The planned format: paperback book, four-color printing, a maximum of a hundred pages, square format 21 x 21 cm.

The work will present at least 75% underwater photos with, if possible, a high rate of non-transferred images (on a voluntary or commercial basis).

Applications should be sent to before October 1, 2022.

Expected release date: Three books are planned from April 2023.

Illustrative photo: Photographer Elisa Mathon photographed by Daniel Blin.

Updated 04/07/2022:

It is important to clearly define the diving site or the diving area which will give the title to the work. An area that is too large (e.g. Mayotte) is excluded. A too descriptive area too (eg: from Cap de la Pointe to the island of rocks, via the walkers' path). The name of an island, a river, a gulf, a city, a territory... or even a department (as a last resort) is recommended.

The proposed photographs must cover several years of diving on this site.

It is requested that the photographs bring emotion, knowledge... to readers. Diversity in framing and ambiance is also requested: macro photos, ambiance, attitude, etc.

You must be able to offer at least 200 pre-selected photos (or more) to be able to select a hundred in the end.

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